Tor Y Foel       Sat 18th March       Results       Series Results

A successful Winter Hill Series has come to an end. Well done to the worthy winners and also to everyone who completed the series or just ran a few races. The hills are a great place to be! Here are the series results thanks to the ever-efficient Dom Shields.

Do not be sad though as the South Wales Summer Series that started with the Tour of Torpantau continues with the Preseli Beast on 6 May.

Keep running on those fells!       Vanessa Lawson

This year’s race saw the course record (34.08) broken by not one but two people, Iwan Morton (33.25) and Sam Gregory (33.35). Congratulations to both of them.

A back of an envelope calculation says that Iwan’s winning time represents ~ a 2% improvement on the previous record which is a significant figure at the cutting edge of races.

We’ve had a relatively dry winter and race day was warm compared to the January temperatures the race has been run in previously. But probably the major reason was two talented athletes going hammer and tongs at it. They were together at the summit and separated by no more than ten seconds at the finish.

Many thanks to those of you who came and ran the race and a huge thank you to those people who helped put the race together.

I have a couple of photos of the race finish, actually 190, the work of the seriously talented race photographer Christine James, so if anybody needs a memento then email me and I can ‘post’ it back to you – Thinking ahead, often a difficult task, then I would aim to have the race at the beginning of March next year and endeavour to avoid clashing with other local races and the rugby.

Hwyl am y tro       Les Williams