Grim Reaper Llangors fell race       14th January 2018       Photos

A healthy start to a new race saw 77 athletes take to the fells on Mynydd Llangors. Visibility was good, the ground had dried out somewhat after the snow. Always promising to be a fast race, with no time to relax if you were ‘in it to win it’! A strong competitive field, route choice between CP1 and CP2, combined with a very steep and fast descent to the finish line meant we were all excited to see who would take the course records in the women’s and men’s races.

Dan Bodman from Aberdare reached the summit in a swift time of 18.02. We witnessed him flying down the mountain being chased by local athlete Evan Davies, summit time 18.55. Evan took chase never allowing Dan to relax. We saw Dan glance over his shoulder and just make it to the finish line with seconds between them!

In the women’s race, Mynydd du’s Helen Brown comfortably took the course record but not without excitement either ! Helen reached the summit in a time of 21.11 then proceeded to also fly down the mountain. She came into view chasing the opposition, fellow Mynydd Du athlete Michael Cope and Brecon AC Peter Sowerby finishing a strong 14th overall !!!

I think it’s fair to say a good day was had by all and the race was a success. See you next year !

Results as follows

1st man Dan Bodman, Aberdare 24.43 (CR)
2nd man Evan Davies 24.53
3rd man Jay Gullins, Taff Ely Tri 26.28

1st female Hellen Brown, Mynydd Du 27.58 (CR)
2nd female Debbie Stenner, Fodac 30.45
3rd female Sammi Toop, Mynydd Du 32.43

Age cats
U23m Lewis Price 28.42, V40m Dan Sandford, Fodac 27.13 V40f Anne Ward, Mynydd Du 38.05 V50m Ian smith, Fodac 27.43
V50f Ruth Pickvance, Mynydd Du 32.40
V60m David Smout, Mynydd Du 33.28
V70m Gary Gunner, Croft Ambrey 35.38

Women’s team Mynydd Du
Helen Brown, Sammi Toop, Ruth Pickvance

Men’s team Mynydd Du
Tom Mollekin, Ian Whistance, Steve Hepton