Cilcain Caper      Results

6-7 years old 0.7km 30 metres climb
8-9 years old 1.3km 70 meres climb
10-11 years old 2.2 km 90 metres climb
12-13 years old 2.75 km 110 metres climb
14-15 years old 3.3km 140 meters climb

A record 47 competitors entered the Cilcain Caper on a rather blustery bank holiday Monday. First everyone 8 years and over started together. Despite setting off a little later the fastest 6 and 7 years old were catching older ones up. The sheep in the finishing field were rather startled but went back to their grass after the first few finishers arrived. Ellie Mary Kearney won the 6-7 years old race with Edward Woodhead hard on her heels. The Kearney family must have speed in their genes as Aileen won the 12-13 year old race out right, beating Daniel McCathy who was first boy and Emily Kearney was first girl in the 14-15 years' race. Despite having a longer route Matthew Blackwell ran an excellent race and over took everyone in the 12-13 years race.
In the 8-9 years old Tom Williams won and Bella Bailey was first girl in a very fast field. Kieran Forest and Martha Owen both did well finishing as first boy and girl in the 10 to 11 years old category.