Arenig Fawr Fell Race 3rd October 2010       Pics from Alastair      Results

The 5th anniversary of the race confirmed it as a fairly popular event in North Wales although participation is limited by the remoteness of the location. The wet weather did not deter the 71 entrants who enjoyed a run in quite mild but very wet underfoot conditions. The morning’s heavy rain abated by midday and most of the race route was clear apart from the higher ground where visibility was quite limited.

Steven Cale of Shrewsbury was the clear winner in the men’s race in a time of 56:10, which is just over two minutes slower than Lloyd Taggart’s record set in drier conditions. Andrea Rowlands was the winner in the women’s race with a time of 71:33.

The majority of the runners were in the veterans categories. There were three male runners under 23 and they all received prizes as an encouragement to younger runners.
Much against my instincts, the entry fee was increased to £4 this year in order to cover the various prizes, gifts to the marshals and the farmer who owns the quarry and also a donation to Team Dolly, who again turned up to support the race with radio communications at the check points and to provide high quality photography. As in previous years, there was food, cakes and refreshments provided by Kath, Wynn, Pat and Pam and judging from the comments, runners greatly appreciated this.

My thanks the Welsh FRA, Geoff and Ross in particular for their help and thanks to my fellrunning friends who helped set the course and man the checkpoints.
As usual, Running Bear supported the event by providing prizes at a generous discount. For the first time this year Mr Running Bear himself, Tony Hulme, ran the race. The race was a counter in the WFRA North Wales Series.
Next year the race will take place on Sunday 2nd October.......... . Yiannis Tridimas