Waun Fach Race - 31st July 2010         Results

It was an overcast day with a small chance of rain, but cool for July. The car park was full and registration busy. With little advertising the organisers (Sue & Gerry Ashton) expected some 30-40 runners, but 67 were there on the start line.

Waun Fach is the highest peak in the Black Mountains, and the race follows a natural line. At first you drop to the bottom of the valley, them is the major climb up to the summit via the ridge to the South West. All is runnable for those at the front, though naturally, as you drop through the field you see less and less running!

The run across to Pen y Manllwyn was good on the day - not too muddy and yet not too dry. From here is the favourite section, down the ridge over Y Grib, with clear instructions to stay on the top of the ridge all the way. The race has its sting in the tail with a steep grassy climb in full view of the finish team and all the runners better than you! We had a report of a great sprint up this from Matthew Stott - obviously not trying hard enough in the earlier sections?

Martin Shaw (Mynydd Du) took the honours, some 20 seconds ahead of Hugh Aggleton (MDC) and more than a minute clear of Paul Murrin (Chepstow). The course record of 44:21 looks quite tough. Hats off to Kevin Hagley who broke his wrist in an unlucky fall near the top of the descent but still managed 14th place - chasing the runner who offered to go and get help!

First lady was Helen Marshall (Aberystwyth AC) with a time of 64:15 followed by Angela Jones (MDC) at 65:50. Niki Morgan (Chepstow) was third with a time of 69:25.
Team prizes were awarded to Mynydd Du who just beat Chepstow in both categories.
Presentation took place in the garden of the Castle Inn with sunshine and general good cheer. Thanks to all the people that helped, and the Castle Inn for their warm welcome.
Sue & Gerry Ashton