Lletty Fell Race      Pics from Alastair

Hard going on a hot, humid day. Quite a number of DNF’s with some big names retiring. Having held this race in August last year on a hot and humid day we decided to move it to an earlier date for some fresher spring weather. No such luck and the NEWSAR mountain rescue team were thankfully stationed on the course and at the finish on to deal with several participants who had succumbed to the heat. The fact that this was an Intercounties championship race made the organisation somewhat more complex. A record number of counties entered and many travelled quite a distance – the strong Scottish presence was particularly evident. In addition there was an interesting bonus for the frontrunners since this race had been nominated as the first event in the newly created McCain’s Mountain Challenge with prize money up for grabs.

Winner of Lletty race - Martin Cox

On the day, Martin Cox representing Leicestershire, led Simon Bailey home by well over a minute, both runners seemingly coping very well with the high temperatures. Not much further down the field there was mayhem with some big names falling by the wayside and others uncharacteristically further back than perhaps they should have been. Despite the loss of one of their runners early on Yorkshire’s remaining three counters packed well in 2nd, 4th and 5th to take the Intercounties team title convincingly. Victoria Wilkinson charged home to lead Yorkshire to the ladies title. Interestingly most of the ladies seemed to cope much better than the men with the heat. Much thanks to all the helpers, marshals, Army cadets, farmer and his wife and everyone else who contributed to the event’s success.