Ras Moel y Ci      Results      Pics from Alastair Gwynfor and Pete Mac     Tregarth, Gwynedd      BS / 5m / 950ft 20.02.2010

While deep, fresh snow and bright sunshine make for a fantastic hill run, they cast fear into the heart of the race organizer ! Sure enough, lots of early phone calls to ask if the race is still on – it was. On the way to the venue at 08.30am there was a Police road closure blocking all those coming in from Llanberis; fortunately opened again soon enough. Sun, snow and the reputation of post-race soup and cakes brought 101 runners to the Moelyci Environmental Centre this year. Congratulations to Richard Roberts of Eryri, taking his second win on this course in 36.50, and to Anna Bartlett of Shrewsbury leading the women round in 46.14 at 20th overall. Matthew Fortes (u/a) was 2nd in 42.39 and Steve Jones of Eryri cruised round into 3rd place and 1st MV50 in 42.53. David Carson of Shropshire Shufflers was 1st MV40 and 5th in 43.24, Don Williams of Eryri 1st MV60 at 31st in 48.35, and of the two MV70s Ron Hird was first back in 1.09.45. Annie Williams of Eryri repeated last year’s form at 1st FV40 in 51.44 with Maggie Oliver of Eryri again 1st FV60 in 1.04.57.

The junior race winner was Bronwen Jenkinson of Eryri in 11.53 with Leo Dearden of Achille Ratti first boy at 2nd overall in 12.25.

Many thanks go to the Centre staff, marshals, ‘Team Dolly’ radio network, the registration and finish team and prize donators. Projects at the Moelyci Environmental Centre focus on sustainability, local produce and local crafts. The soup and cakes were from organic local suppliers accompanied by Fair Trade tea and coffee.