Rhobell Fawr 07/11/09         Pics from Alastair         Results         Andy Unwins Local Report

Pic by Alastair Tye

Horizontal rain, stinging hail, mist and even a little snow is all a summit marshall needs. Having left a little late for comfort the summit marshalls "hurried" from base control in damp , slightly breezy weather at a creditable pace. Having got really sweaty we paused a few hundred meters from the summit to get into more clothing as the weather deteriorated.

Alastair with his camera made the smart decision to stop before the final uphill. Later on he was privileged to see a total of 13 runners go flying as they put their feet in a hidden piece of deep bog.

Leaning into the wind we reached the summit just 10 minutes before the runners where we struggled into additional clothing. I cringed behind the trig point with numbed fingers trying to write things down and Dave Wittey shouted out the numbers while the wind tried to blow his words away. Fortunately all the runners made it to the summit and with no weak runners in the race our time up there was shorter than normal.

Coming down the hill was a succession of reliefs as the wind dropped and temperature increased. 62 runners don't half make a mess and I slipped and sat down just before the Bwlch with no injury except my pride. From the Bwlch was almost enjoyable and we arrived at base to enjoy the soup.
No doubt a proper report will arrive in due course.
Bob Chilton