Gwynfors' Pics              Ras Moel y Ci, Tregarth, Gwynedd, BS / 5m / 950ft 21.02.09      Pics by Alastair Tye

Warm spring weather and the reputation of post-race soup and cakes brought 130 runners to the Moelyci Environmental Centre this year.
Congratulations to Lloyd Taggart of Dark Peak who set the new course record of 35.21 (-1.37), and to Jackie Lee of Eryri setting the new women’s record of 41.38 (-1.59) at 9th overall. Francis Blunt of NFR was 2nd in 38.44 and Iwan Morton of Eryri cruised round into 3rd place at 39.23 listening to Girls Aloud.
Adam Haynes of Eryri, 1st MV50 and 5th, pipped John Montgomery of Clwydian, 1st MV40 and 6th to the finish, with Don Williams of Eryri 1st MV60 at 28th in 46.12. Annie Williams of Eryri had a great run-in as 1st FV40 at 52.21 with Maggie Oliver of Eryri 1st FV50/60 at 59.43.

The junior race winner was Tecwyn Evans setting a new course record of 9.14 (-1.09) with Lisa Peters first girl at 6th in 10.31. Tecwyn wins a day’s navigation course at the Moelyci Centre; good training for the longer fell races ! Sixteen juniors ran.

Many thanks go to the Centre staff, marshals, ‘Team Dolly’ radio network, the registration and finish team and prize donators.

Senior Results