MOUNTAIN RUNNING NEWS     Mynydd Troed 2007 WFRA Report        Results
The second running of this elongated version of the old Llangorse Loop suffered from high winds and persistent rain, but the virgin fell runners from Tring in darkest Hertfordshire and from Chepstow Harriers weren’t daunted. Nor were the would-be entrants who arrived an hour late due to confusion about the start time for which the race organiser apologises humbly. Ian Wellock, a Hunters Bog Trotter based in Somerset, did well to keep his feet and break the hour despite the conditions. Good times too from Kevin Harding, first M40, and Harry Matthews from just down the hill in Talgarth. First woman was also a local, Emma Bayliss, 80 seconds ahead of another Tringer, Alison Harding (how often do husband and wife both come second?). Another minute or so behind was Chepstow’s Club Champion Sue Ashton, who coincidentally was born in Hertfordshire (as was the organiser – but why would you want to know that?). One more Hertfordshire family snippet – Mandy Bonthrone beat her teenage son Callum by 81 seconds. Many thanks to cold and wet marshals John Sweeting – who also flagged the second mountain – and Andy Stott. And to John Darby who marked the first mountain and also finished the race as third M50. And thanks to the Tring kids who helped the miserable organiser at the finish.