MOUNTAIN RUNNING NEWS Dash in the Dark Winter Night Race Series    Race 1 Race 2 Race 3
The idea for the races popped into our heads in the autumn of 2005, seeing as we were facing the usual 5 months of training with a head-torch and not many races to get together at. It seems that after the 2nd series there's about 35 other folk who feel the same way.....

For those that haven't made it to a race yet they are run in Llandegla forest, on the moors above Wrexham. You mountain bikers will know where it is. The race is run on forest track and mountain bike paths on a friday night, timed to clash with all your favourite soaps but finished early enough to allow you to go clubbing afterwards. The course is about 4 miles with 750', and Gilbert and Anna's new records will take some beating. The emphasis is on having a bit of fun and a beer afterwards, but that doesn't mean to say there weren't some fierce battles on the course. It just means that the prizes were pants (literally, in some cases).

We had the full range of weather this winter - race 1 in atrocious freezing rain, race 2 was cold and clear and the final race was warm and damp (it was winter, after all).
To see 30 or more people heading off into the woods on a friday evening, when most of the population are busy relaxing after a hard week is a true demonstration of how weird we all really are, but in a nice way. Special mention must go to those hardy souls who made it to all 3 races, despite some very busy weekends of road and XC to tempt them away. It's good to see new faces on the top of the results sheets.
Many thanks to all the marshals and helpers for their time and coldness, and to the Plough Inn for hosting us at very short notice.
Tim Higginbottom