The Garn Race         Friday 22nd August

With ideal conditions for running and views extending to the Isle of Man the Garn race took place , from the Llanfairynghornwy Sports field. Harvey Wharton had little time to take in the views as he flew around the course in a remarkable new record time of 13.54 , clipping just over a minute off the previous best. He was followed in by the two previous winners , making it a Cybi 1,2,3. This was the first time a runner in the main race (which takes in an extra half mile/100 feet) has returned before the junior winner , in this case 12yr old local lad Rhys Griffiths ,competing in his first hill race. Rhys also won the Elaine Thomas Memorial shield.

1.	Harvey Wharton          Cybi     13.54
2.	Irfon Rowlands (V40)    Cybi     15.30
3.	Rhys Owen               Cybi     15.58
4.	George Livesey          U/A      17.35
5.	Mervyn Williams (V50)   Cybi     17.39
6.	David Livesey (V60)     U/A      17.43
7.	Huw Jones               U/A      18.37
8.	Phil Godson             U/A      21.32
9.	Bedwyr Jones            U/A      25.40


1.	Rhys Griffths           U/A      14.20
2.	James Lowe              U/A      16.33