Ras Arenig Fawr     Sunday 3rd August 2014         Results

This was the tenth running of the Arenig Fawr race and the second year of the new and extended route. Arenig Fawr, like a number of other hills in south Snowdonia, is isolated and surrounded by wild lowlands. Race headquarters is at a disused railway siding, next to the old Arenig quarry. The lack of facilities is compensated for by a friendly and low key atmosphere with food, cakes and refreshments included in a low entry fee. Radio communications, as always, were provided by ‘Team Dolly’, the Welsh fell race radio cover group. The extended course has been received very favourably by the participants, many of whom were surprised by the amount of climb involved and the complexity of the route. In conditions of poor visibility, the need for careful navigation makes this a race suitable only for experienced runners.

Of the 53 starters, 2 retired.
Next year the race will be run on Sunday August 2nd.         Yiannis Tridimas